Hedgerow Cottage started as an ideal, in a 3rd floor apartment, overlooking the coastal mountains of British Columbia. The story is a familiar one... a young couple dreaming of a simple life in the country, one with homegrown vegetables, backyard chickens, and room to grow. This country home, the woman decided, would be a cottage, and it would be surrounded by an edible hedgerow of hawthorn, elder, nettle, and crabapples. Wrens and rabbits would make homes in the thickets and she'd wander out in the early morning, barefoot and basket in hand, to pick whatever was seasonally on offer. 

Five years later that dream isn't fully realised but we are getting there. And we've kept the name - Hedgerow Cottage - as a sign post. We made it to the countryside (in an entirely different country, no less) and live in a rented cottage (dodgy house) with room for our expanded family (first a dog, then a cat, and most recently, a son.) Hedgerow Cottage is manifesting slowly, like most jigsaw puzzles do; a few pieces at a time and with a lot of patience.

As an online space Hedgerow Cottage is, at heart, the celebration of the botanical seasons. In the spring we may offer new lambs wool, locally spun and dyed with dandelions and nettle. In the summer, perhaps hollyhock dyed linen, by the yard or as a finished piece. Autumn will almost certainly be a celebration of nuts and berries. Winter is for knitters and quilters and for long, quiet days by the fire with the essence of summer colours captured in our fibres.

So join us as we slow down and marvel at nature. On our blog you'll find garden musings, dye pot experiments, wild-crafting adventures, and even a recipe or two. The shop, which will be updated seasonally, will carry a variety of products ranging from Australian grown and spun wool yarn and cotton fabric, hand dyed with plants grown and foraged by us, to finished pieces using the materials mentioned, such as quilts and art work. And it'll evolve. We have big plans! But for now we hope to delight you with the beauty of botanical dyes and the joy that comes with tending a dye garden. 

Thank you for stopping by!






Rhea Hoeflok,
Owner, maker, and resident plant witch of Hedgerow Cottage