Explore the seasonal palette of natural colour

Plants have their season. Nettle tops in early spring give earthy greens, but as the weather warms and the plants mature, colours fade to shades of yellow. Woad has the bluest pigmentation when extracted in mid-summer before the flowers bloom. Wait a few more months and woad shares its seeds generously, giving dyers another palette to play with. Chasing colour is my passion. In seasonal updates I will be offering an array of fabric, yarns, quilts, and art created 100% naturally with organic base fibres, homegrown or wild-crafted dye materials, and sustainable methods of production, from harvesting to shipping.

You can visit the Hedgerow Cottage blog and Instagram account to learn more about what's currently in the dye pot, what plants are ready for harvesting, and what projects are currently on the workbench. Thanks so much for stopping by!